Run 901 – Hashy Birthday to Us!

HHHi All,

The keen eyed may have noticed that the number of this run is 901, thanks to Farty Bums diligence, numeral normality has been restored.

This means that technically, Tightwad and Buns’ run was RUN 900!!

Anyway, back to the main event!

The Anniversary Hash : Forest of Le Rouret.

When: 10th  March 2019
Where: Le Rouret (car park behind the Mairie)
Meet: 10:00 hrs for 10:30 hrs start

Farty Bum ( and Supermarket Trolley (


For map click here

Starting point is very near where we had the last hash inChateauneuf –Grasse. From where we started the last hash, head north for 200 m to the big O ‘Rond-Point du Lac’, take 1st right exit onto D2085 heading towards Le Rouret, after c. 2 km you will come to a O with a Pizza restaurant on the right and College du Rouret on the left, go straight over this O, still on D2085, carry on for c. 1 km until you come to traffic lights with the boules pitch straight ahead and the Mairie on the left. Take the small road slightly to the left, between the Mairie on the left and boules pitch on the right, follow the road round past the little chapel on the left and the car park is straight ahead.

From  Rouquefort-les-Pins, take the D2085 heading towards Le Rouret, after c. 3 km you will pass La Poste on the right, carry on for 1 km until you come to traffic lights with the boules pitch and the Mairie on the right. Take a sharp right onto a small road between the Mairie on the left and boules pitch on the right, follow the road round past the little chapel on the left and the car park is straight ahead.

As most of the trail is off road, hiking sticks for the walkers would be useful. Since there are  sheep in the forest and a wolf was spotted in the area last week, dogs should be kept on a lead.

On On is at the local Shiva Indian Restaurant, time 13:30 hrs. Menu consists of a selection of starters and main dishes, with rice and nan bread, for 15 Euros. Please note, alcohol is not included.

If you intend to stay for the meal, please let your hares know by Thursday evening and make it clear if you are a vegetarian.

Hope to see you on Sunday


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